At the end of this year, we will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Chicago Fun Club!  

And while 2018 was our most exciting year to date, we are doing our best to make sure that 2019 is the BEST EVER!!!

This year we had our first ever body painting event, our first ever naked dance, our first ever naked yoga...and we are just getting started!!!  We have also started to publish a newsletter to help spread the word about the Chicago Fun Club and nudism across the midwest.  

Of course, we could not have done any of this without you.  Our members are the backbone of the Chicago Fun Club.  Your support helps us to make these and many more awesome events possible.  

We know life gets busy and sometimes other things can get in the way of supporting the Chicago Fun Club.  And it's ok.  The most important thing we can ask you to do is join in nudist activities and events when you can, and put in a good word to others about the Chicago Fun Club.

If you would like to renew your financial support for the Chicago Fun Club and get a $5 discount for every event you attend, Please click on the link below.