SUN FEB 2, 3PM - 8PM

For the day of the “Big” game, we are going to try something new, something daring and something adventurous!

The scariest thing we are going to do is try and have an event on the day of a MAJOR sports event.  Normally we shy away from these kinds of things, but when you are 10 years old, throw caution to the wind!

We want everyone to come enjoy the brewery, enjoy some great social time, have some great beer and if you want, watch the “Big” game.

Of course we will be providing some yummy food for everyone. Please bring a football game themed snack, appetizer or dessert to share.


We all know someone who is on the fence about nudism.  They seem interested but are afraid to take the plunge.  We’ve done some research into how other clubs handle newbies, so we are going to give something a little different a try.

From 3pm to 4pm we will have an intro to nudism (clothed) event where newbies can learn about nudism, meet some of us and ask any questions they might have. We will go over our family friendly rules and remind the newbies that the rules are to help make everyone feel safe and comfortable.

About 4pm the event will become nude friendly, but not nude mandatory.  We are going to let newbies take their time getting comfortable.  And if they ultimately don’t join in that’s ok, they can stay for the event.

This is the chance to bring your friend, neighbor, wife or husband, mother (why not?) or father…that special person you know who is interested but hasn’t committed to taking the plunge yet.

If you bring someone with you who is attending their first Chicago Fun Club event, there will be no charge for them and they will be able to partake in our event at their own comfort level.

What we are looking to do is help each and every one of you to introduce nudism, the Chicago Fun Club and all of your cool nudist friends to someone you care about who might also be curious about joining us.

The cost is only $25 for paid member couples/singles, $30 for non-paid member couples/singles.  There is a cash bar (it is a brewery after all). Please bring a football party themed snack to share, a towel, a bag to stow your clothes and please buy a beer or two to thank the brewery for hosting us!

If you are attending and bringing someone with, please let us know.

Here is the link to reserve your space

Payment at the door is accepted, payment in advance is appreciated.