Our 2nd Yoga event was such a success that we are having another one!
Maureen Hughes, who has more letters after her name than the alphabet and has been teaching Yoga since 2002 will return to lead us through a 1 hour Nude Yoga Class!!!
We will have 1 hour of social time from 9am to 10am, at least 1 hour of Yoga from 10am to 11am and then finish up with 2 more hours of social time from 11am to 1pm.
Location TBD will announce shortly.
The price will be only $25 per person for paid members, and $30 per person for non-paid members. Katie and I will provide soda, water, utensils, etc. Please bring something healthy and refreshing to snack on after Yoga!
Please be sure to bring your Yoga Mat and your towel.
Here is the link to our square site.

More info about our instructor:

Maureen has been teaching yoga since 2002, has been Certified 200 hr level since 2005, and has been teaching in St. Louis since April 2014. She started doing Nude Yoga to gain body acceptance and awareness,She loves the freedom of doing yoga with no clothes! It's tough to go back to regular public classes after experiencing this freedom.
She has been to India three times to study Iyengar Yoga and receive a full body detox called an Ayurvedic PanchaKarma. Health is not just exercising but also eating right, and de-stressing the whole life. Maureen is also a licensed massage therapist and she offers the SomaVeda™ Therapeutic Day Protocol to help people refresh and rejuvenate their Mind, Body, and Spirit. The Protocols are based in a special form of assisted yoga from Thailand. Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, which is over 2500 years old and gaining a lot of popularity, this form of body work includes stretching, compression, acupressure, and other methods to get the energy moving better than ever. Maureen has over 4000 hours of schooling and practice in Thai Yoga Massage