We were all sad last year when our favorite roller rink closed down and then burned down!  (No one was hurt).  We have been searching since then for another place to skate naked, and we found it!

This place is HUGE, really nice and clean and ready to let us skate naked!

Sunday evening October 24, 6pm sharp to 9pm

South suburbs, very nice area, 35 minutes south of the loop.  Easily accessible from 394, plenty of parking.

They will have a snack bar open for us which includes pizza, hot dogs, snacks, pretzels, soda, water and more.  They also have a bar with basic beer choices.  (If your drink MGD and white claw you will love it)

Skate rental is included.  Please bring a towel to sit on. You can bring your own skates or roller blades.   We are NOT allowed to bring our own drinks or alcohol.  If you want to bring a snack to share, please check with us first, we can’t bring food that they serve, but we can bring any food that they don’t serve. Please bring cash/card to use the snack bar and bar bar.

The cost is $35 per couple, $25 per single.  $5 discount for paid members.  Please pay in advance - this is an expensive event and we don’t want to wait until the day off to find out we’ve lost a lot of money.  Payment at the door will be accepted, but at an additional $5 per couple or single.

Please go to our square site to reserve your space.
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